Rosary on my Heart

I am a sinner who has been blessed with many trials in my life. Each one has brought me into a stronger and deeper relationship with the Holy Trinity and our Blessed Mother. Blessings I can't help but share!

In 1957 Blessed Solanus Casey, a holy servant through whom God administered countless miracles, shared a prophetical wish for the conversion of the whole world, the day before he died. I know in my heart, with complete confidence, that his wish is doable. If it can happen to Saul (Acts 9), it can happen to all of us. Right now, the whole world desperately needs his dying wish to come true.

It is time to roll up our sleeves, and prayer up intently for all of mankind. In the words of Blessed Solanus, "Confidence is courage divinely reinforced. Have confidence in the providence of God. Shake off excessive worry and exercise a little confidence in God’s merciful providence. God condescends to use our powers if we don’t spoil His plans by ours!”

"Pray for the conversion of sinners."
Blessed Solanus Casey

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God at Work In Me

Jesus and Mary
February 2018 | Prayer

Rosary on my Heart

I looked up and asked out loud, “Why am I seeing the two hearts everywhere?” ...

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Saul falls from his horse on the road to Damascus Acts 9
August 2015 | Peace and Mercy

A Prayer for Peace

This prayer was unexpectedly given to me during my first Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

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Sr Ignatia
August, 2019 | Healing

Angel of Hope

Sr. Ignatia courageously arranged for the hospitalization of alcoholics beginning in the 1930s...

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footprints all around
November 2019 | All Souls

Seeing Jesus in Others

I saw Jesus in all those people that day, just by looking at their footprints...

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I pray God will use these to touch the hearts of many.